Tow Pins and Shark Jaws

  • Smith Berger Shark Jaws feature a QUICK RELEASE system allowing for immediate release of the chain or wire with the simple push of a button – causing both jaws and the wire lifter to retract simultaneously. Using energy stored in hydraulic accumulators, the jaws can be released at the rated loads even when there is no power on the vessel.
  • STANDARD FEATURES • Designed with 30° Wrap at 75% of the Height of the Pin • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders • Hydraulic Power Unit and Remote Control Panel • Marine Paint System • Every unit is functionally tested at the factory. OPTIONAL FEATURES • Equipment Customized to Suit the Operating Characteristics of any Vessel • Third Party Certification • Load Monitoring System • Load Tests • Local Controls • ABS, LRS and DNV approval available Shown in the pdf is a 200 MT tow pin. Please contact us for information on additional sizes and custom designed solutions
  • Deck or Bulwark Mounted Units - 2, 3, & 4 Pins: Download our brochure for more information, and please contact us for more information and a costumed designed solution.
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