Morse Rubber

  • Morse Marine Bearings are rubber lined and water lubricated. They require no seals and no oil or grease for lubrication. The high durability rubber liner is resistant to abrasion caused by particles in the water. The Marine Bearings are offered in standard brass, with a flange, metric series, and a non-metallic series.
  • Morse Ship Fenders are produced with EPDM rubber to provide high durability combined with superior resistance to environmental attack by sunlight and ozone. Ship fender types include: Pushnee, Polynee, Type-CB, Type-W, Keyhole. Standard shaped extruded fenders are often used on ships as well, including: Cylindrical, Square and D-shape. Custom pre-curving and drilling of the extruded fenders are commonly performed to meet the curvature of the ships hull.
  • Morse's domestic rubber molding capabilities allow them to make one of the few 100% US made fenders, compliant with the Buy American Act. Located in Keokuk, Iowa, Morse's manufacturing facility can produce certain molds and extrusions within a few weeks of order receipt. Dock fenders include: Arch fenders, Buckling Column fenders, Shear fenders and extruded fenders.
  • Morse's extruded fenders can be used on dock or ship fender systems. Custom pre-drilling and curving can be performed in order to meet the project requirments.
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