The column has a turnable platform at a fixed height which can be reached by access stairs mounted to the side of the main structure. The telescopic gangway is mounted to the turnable platform and after positioning on the vessel’s deck will freely follow all movements within its design range without the need for an operator to be present. The column type is the most popular design for reaching ship deck levels from well below up to a maximum of about 18 meters/54 feet, vertical range.

The gangway movements are powered by hydraulic cylinders, operated by a hydraulic control box mounted on the control platform.

The column type can optionally be equipped with stores crane, lighting, alarms, fire monitor support(s) and/or cabin(s). Also other specific Client requirements can be integrated in the Gangway Column design.

The largest benefit of the Column design is that it has a small foundation plate, requiring very little space on the jetty deck.

Because of its proven and robust design, the Gangway Column has a long design life and low maintenance cost.