The Verhoef Gangway Tower has a telescopic gangway that vertically moves along the tower by means of a lift platform. As a result, the gangway-tower can cover ship deck levels from Small Barges up to Ultra Large Crude Carriers, in combination with the ship movements (tidal, loading/unloading, drifts etc). Each lift station can be reached by the access stairs and platforms mounted inside the tower structure.

Once the gangway has been positioned on the ship’s deck and reaches its maximum up or down angle, the lift platform will automatically go the next level, without the need for an operator to be present. Prior to this movement an alarm will alert all personnel to clear the gangway. Also the surge and sway movements of the vessel will be freely followed within its design range.

The gangway movements are powered by hydraulic cylinders, operated by a hydraulic control box mounted on the lift platform. The lift platform movement is powered by a hoisting device (winch or hydraulic cylinder).

The Verhoef Gangway Tower has many optional features like a (hydraulic) crane, fire monitor(s), control cabin(s) and (metal) coverage for protection of its users against i.e. extreme weather conditions. Also other specific Client requirements can be integrated in the Gangway Tower design.

Because of its proven and robust design, the Gangway Tower has a long design life and low maintenance cost.